Three Twenty Three Music Group was established in September of 2014 in Flossmoor, Illinois. Founder and Ceo Beleshia McCulley  AKA Lyrical who is also the owner of Lyrical Eyes Management Ltd felt like Illinois needed a new face for a Record Label they could relate too and believe in.
Three Twenty Three Music Group mission is to offer their clients the chance to recieve artist development and a prominent music career which can either keep them independent and very successful or get them intune with different major music labels to possibly put them on a bigger platform.  With Lyrical Eyes Managment being offered for managment for clients it is to be understood that this company has had experience and successful past clients that have been noticed by many differenct celebrities and A- listers in the music industry. This is something that has became second nature to that company.
Three Twenty Three Music Group has high hopes for working with Illinois clients and clients all over the world. Look out for this new company.

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